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Zen Massage®

Why Zen Massage?

Because Zen Massage® offers Advantages for Consumers and Franchisees 
in a Booming, Wide-Open Business Sector!

For Consumers: None of the binding contracts or membership fees they hate. Everyday Value Pricing. And a rejuvenating Close your Eyes and Count to Zen® personal escape.

For Franchisees: Lower investment and fees. More efficient layout and operation. Outstanding franchisee support. And energizing opportunities for growth.

The 10 Most Iconic Franchises In 2022

Zen Massage was founded in Charlotte in 2007 and currently operates nine franchised centers in Las Vegas, Kansas City, Greater Charlotte NC, and Charleston, SC. The company encompasses its motto and mission statement in just one message: “No Contracts, No Membership Fees – No Hassles!” The company’s tagline is, “Close your Eyes and Count to Zen!”

Professional Massage in the U.S.

  • Grew 66% last 10-years to $16 bil annually in U.S. (Skin Care is even larger).
  • Strong rebound through pandemic.
  • 92% of consumers say Massage a benefit to overall health; Effective in reducing pain.
  • Strongest population growth projected among most likely massage client demographic.
  • Doctors and Consumers increasingly embracing Massage as part of comprehensive “wellness journey” and insurance.
But while Starbucks has 40% market share in Coffee Shops, Planet Fitness has 20% of the Gym market, and McDonald’s has 21.4% of the ENTIRE Fast Food market — No single business has more than a 5% share of the $16 bn Massage market.
Professional Massage and Skin Care are Wide-Open and Ripe for a Better Idea – And that Better Idea is Zen Massage®.

Harvard Business Review
Makes Our Case.

Why do companies bind customers with contracts, bleed them with fees, and baffle them with fine print?

Because bewildered customers, who often make bad purchasing decisions, can be highly profitable. Most firms that profit from customers’ confusion are on a slippery slope. Over time, their customer-centric strategies for delivering value have evolved into company-centric strategies for extracting it.

Not surprisingly, when a rival comes along with a friendlier alternative, customers defect.

-Harvard Business Review

Zen Massage® Is that "Friendlier Alternative" in the Professional Massage /Skin Care Market!

And here’s a fact straight from Zen Massage® clients to prove it: Over 80% of our steadiest clients were already clients of the contract and membership fee places – and chose us as soon as we opened.

Franchisee Support

Site Selection Guidebook, help to choose the best location for your Zen Center, and assistance in Center design and build-out.

Extensive classroom and on-the-job training in our Cornelius, NC Headquarters Zen Center.

Operations and Training Manual.

Guidance in recruiting Licensed Therapists and Estheticians, hiring and training administrative personnel, and building your team. 

Comprehensive Team Handbook and documents template.

Access to Mindbody® Business Software customized for managing your Zen Massage® Center efficiently and profitably.

Mindbody® Business App to assist you and your Team.

Zen Center Grand Opening Plan and Marketing Manual.

Side-by-side help at your Center when you open, and consultation with our Franchisee Support Team.

Custom Zen Massage® website (including mobile) and Mindbody Consumer App, each personalized to your Center and services to effectively promote your business, take appointments, and sell gift cards online, etc.

Ongoing marketing and social media direction, content, and support including branded Zen Massage® graphics and images.

Digital Insights program for enhanced online marketing, Master Yelp® program – and More!

Ongoing consultation with our Zen Massage® Corporate Team and other franchisees, and Field Support Visits.

Annual Business Review and Planning.

Zen Massage® Basic Financials

Total Investment: $125,325 to $268,783. (Single Center; Includes Franchise Fee)
Average # of Employees: 2-4 Front Desk Persons (Depending on Full-time/Part-time)
A # of Independent Contractors: Therapists 10-20; Estheticians 1-3 (Depending on Full-time/Part-time)

Franchise Fee: $39,000

Minimum Liquid Capital: $75,000

Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Royalty: 5% of Gross Sales

Advertising Fee: 1% of Gross Sales

Opportunities & Structure

Single-Center License

Grants right to own and operate a Single Zen Massage® Center in an approved location within a market.

Area Developer License

Grants right to own and operate Multiple Zen Massage® Centers in approved locations in a larger market area.

Zen Massage® Center Franchise opportunities are currently available in

NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, AR, LA, TX, TN, KY, KS, MO, VA, NV, NY. 

FAQ’s More Information

Any consumer retail experience or understanding you may have would certainly be useful, but you do not need specific massage or skin care experience to succeed. The whole reason for our existence is to give you the tools and training you need to successfully operate your Centers.

The direct answer is “Yes,” and we do have franchisees who still have another job. However, the greatest factor in the success of a Zen Massage® Center (or any franchised business) is a highly engaged owner who is actively developing their team, Centers, and market – and connecting with their clients. Generally, we look for franchisees who want to be involved in and scale their Zen Massage® operation as their primary business interest.

The Zen Massage® management team has developed a business model which, when followed, delivers proven success.  We have honed our operations to give our franchisees the best possible opportunity for success. There’s no need to risk it on your own when you can leverage our expertise and experience.

We provide complete training including operations, staff recruitment, marketing, accounting and technology, and more. We provide resource materials, classroom training, and extensive hands-on experience in one of the two Zen Massage® Centers owned by our CEO personally, one of which serves as our Headquarters and Training Center.

We will also be there with you when your Center opens to help you launch on the right foot.

Most definitely! We provide considerable marketing direction, support, and materials. We help you customize our Grand Opening Marketing Plan to your market and Center to target the most successful launch possible. We provide weekly social media direction and materials for you to embrace and use to drive your business. We provide a custom-made consumer website at www.zenmassageusa.com with a proprietary Consumer App, Online Booking, and Center page. 

The franchisee is ultimately responsible for their own success, of course, but on the marketing front – Zen Massage® Franchising goes the extra mile.

Click HERE for the financial basics. You will receive more complete information if you request our current Franchise Disclosure Document HERE.

There’s no limit to how many Zen Centers you may own and operate, provided of course that you build the team needed to support your growth.

You can sign a Single Center franchise agreement, or an Area Developer license which will give you rights to open a certain number of Centers in a larger market area. 

You will typically have an exclusive territory of approximately a one-to-three zip code radius around each single Center you open, pending population density and other market-specific factors. An Area Developer license will give you the exclusive rights to open a specified number of Zen Massage® Centers in an area covering several designated zip codes, or an entire DMA (Designated Metropolitan Area). 

We want to grow in our markets – and we want each Zen Center® to be a success.

Zen Massage® does not provide direct financing. However, we will assist you in seeking financing through our third-party contacts or a financial institution of your choice.

There are four fundamental keys to success in a retail franchise business: A concept that delivers competitive advantages for consumers, a franchisor focused on the success of their franchisees, a great location, and an engaged, committed operator. We have the first. We are the second. We’ll help you find the third. And YOU are the fourth and most important. The simple fact is, even in a franchised business – You, the owner-operator – make all the difference.

Your Zen Massage® journey has already begun! Continue by clicking the “Learn More” form, HERE. Complete the form and “SUBMIT.” Our CEO will reach out to you personally for an informal, absolutely no-pressure conversation to help you potentially move forward.  

NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, AR, LA, TX, TN, KY, KS, MO, VA and NY.

Disclaimer: This website summarizes certain aspects of the Zen Massage® franchise agreement and other information in plain language. This is not a franchise offering. A franchise offering can only be made through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Please read it carefully.

Zen Massage® Leadership

Zen Massage is led by principals with decades of franchise system experience, who believe a franchisor’s success comes from building strong, successful franchisees.

Keith Larson is majority owner and Chief Executive Officer of Zen Massage® Franchising, Incorporated. He spent 13 years with the McDonald’s system. He worked for McDonald’s Corporation for over 10 years, first in marketing and later as Regional Director of Franchised Operations. He was also Senior Vice-President of Moroch and Associates, one of McDonald’s largest advertising agencies. Larson is also a long-time fixture in media and marketing in the Zen Massage® home market of Charlotte.

Randall Scribner is a veteran of nearly 25 years in the franchise field as an executive – and as a franchisee. He operated several TCBY shops for 14 years and served in several leadership roles, including president of the TCBY franchise operators association. He was also Chief Operating Officer of Just Fresh Restaurants, and CFO/COO of Swisher International.

Zen Massage® was founded by a wellness-focused entrepreneur in Charlotte in 2005. Randall Scribner joined Zen Massage® as consulting CEO in 2008, and acquired the system in 2010. The founder continues to own and operate his single Zen Center; it is not part of Zen Massage® Franchising.

Keith Larson’s Charlotte advertising agency became Agency of Record for Zen Massage® in 2014. He eventually became Zen Chief Marketing Officer of Zen Massage® and later, minority owner and Chief Franchising Officer. Larson became CEO in 2020, and majority owner of Zen Massage in 2021.

Zen Massage® Franchising: Competitive Advantages for Consumers, and Franchisees. Own and Grow with us in your market. I am the owner and CEO of Zen Massage® Franchising, Inc. Email me directly: klarson@zenmassageusa.com