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Massage Services

Choose from our many relaxing, rejuvenating treatments.

The classic entry-level massage, focusing on relaxation and escape. Longer, lighter-pressure strokes dissolve emotional, mental, and physical stress while nourishing your skin, cleansing your body of metabolic waste, and helping improve circulation and range of motion.

1 hour session $64.95
1.5 hour session $99.95
2 hour session $134.95

The Zen Swedish+™ Massage goes beyond the traditional Swedish to provide release and rejuvenation through focused bodywork featuring medium pressure on two or three specific areas you and your therapist discuss. And the Zen Swedish+ Massage always ends with warm towels!

1 hour session $69.95
1.5 hour session $104.95
2 hour session $139.95

Deep Tissue Massage provides relief from muscle pain, tension, and stress through slower, firmer, more focused medium-to-deep pressure throughout the body. Special attention and bodywork treatment are applied to any problem areas discussed with your therapist. 

1 hour session $74.95
1.5 hour session $109.95
2 hour session $144.95

Neuromuscular Massage goes beyond deep tissue to alleviate pain caused by specific trauma, repetitive movements, or posture. Depending on their assessment, and conversation with you, your therapist may use advanced pressure therapy, including very firm trigger-point treatment, to help restore normal postural and neuromuscular balance.

1 hour session $79.95
1.5 hour session $114.95

Feel the deep “melting” muscle relaxation of the penetrating heat from Himalayan salt stones carefully placed over specific parts of your body. Himalayan salt stones also provide essential mineral replenishment, light exfoliation of the skin,  and many other physiological benefits.

Enjoy Himalayan salt hot stone therapy in a full treatment session, or as an upgrade during the massage therapy of your choice.

Add to any massage for an additional $20.00 (10-12 mins.)
1 hour session $89.95
1.5 hour session $124.95

You’re busy and exhausted, but you need relief!

Your treatment will be customized based on your specific areas of stress and tension, bringing you maximized relief in minimized time.

1/2 hour session $54.95
1 hour session $84.95

Carrying a baby is hard work, so treat yourself to the relief you deserve! Your therapist will carefully relieve the tiring aches in your neck, back, hips, legs, and joints. Dreaded varicose veins and cramps will be reduced along with other problems associated with swelling as we enhance circulation and range of movement.

Postpartum massage is also available to nurture the new Mom back to her pre-pregnancy self.

(Prenatal Massage is NOT performed during your first trimester)

1 hour session $79.95
1.5 hour session $114.95

Pre or Post Event

Treat yourself to the muscle-stretching benefits of a Zen Sports Massage before events to increase your power, endurance, and flexibility, reducing the chance of injury.

After your event (or even strenuous non-athletic work) the stretching and muscle work of a Sports Massage helps your body wind-down from its exertion, release toxins, and relieve pain.

1 hour session $74.95
1.5 hour session $109.95
2 hour session $144.95

The Cleveland Clinic states: “Lymphatic Drainage Massage relieves painful swelling that can happen when illness or medical treatment blocks your lymphatic system.  Your massage therapist uses lymphatic drainage techniques to move lymph from your tissues to your lymph nodes, which eases the swelling in your tissues.”

1-Hour Session $74.95
1.5-Hour Session $109.95
Add-On (Brief) $20.00

Share the experience of total renewal together with a loved one or friend.

You and another person can receive simultaneous massages from two of our skilled therapists in the same room. It’s the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary. or special occasion.

Please call the Center to make your Couples Massage appointment or Gift Card purchase. Deposit Required.

Your entire body will feel the results of a massage focused on the tissues surrounding your brain and spinal cord, extending from the skull, face, mouth, and spine.

This gentle massage treats the nervous system using soft touch to release structural restrictions, improving physical conditions throughout the entire body and triggering your body’s own natural healing ability.

Some find CST effective for relieving not only physical conditions, but psychological and emotional tension as well.

1/2 hour session $54.95
1 hour session $84.95

Feel the effects of reflexology therapy, focused on pressure points in your feet, hands, and ears that are believed to correspond, or “reflex,” to all areas of your body.

Enjoy this unique therapy in a full session all its own or as an enhancement to the massage of your choice.

Add brief session to any massage for an additional $20
1/2 hour session $54.95
1 hour session $84.95

In Cupping Therapy, a therapist places special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Purposes include helping reduce pain and inflammation, increasing blood flow, and enhancing the effects of massage in specific parts of the body.

Add limited session to any massage for an additional $20.00
1/2 hour session $59.95
1 hour session $89.95

Reiki is an ancient form of energy work administered with very light or sometimes even no touching of the body. The Reiki practitioner-therapist, employing either very light hands-on touch or holding his or her hands close to the client’s body, then moves the hands systematically through different positions, with the intention of discharging negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. The Reiki practitioner may spend more time in certain areas, depending on the clients’ needs or goals for the session.

Add limited session on to any massage for an additional $20
1/2 hour session $54.95
1 hour session $84.95

Thai massage is a form of therapeutic touch that differs from traditional massage in that, the client lies on a mat on the floor while the therapist manipulates the body in certain ways to stimulate organs and improve flexibility.  The practitioner uses stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve tension, promote relaxation, and improve flexibility and circulation.

When Available:
1 hour session $94.95
1.5 hour session $129.95

Enhance your experience with our indulgent Treatment Upgrades: 100% pure essential oil Aromatherapy $7.50. Hot Stones, Cupping, Reflexology, Reiki, $20 each, Limited treatments.

Skin Care Services

More About Our Treatments

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